Landscaping Design

To some, curb appeal can seem like a needless luxury that isn’t worth investing in, but more and more homeowners are realizing the importance of optimizing their exterior. If you are trying to sell or lease your house, you are most likely looking for ways to improve its desirability while speeding up the selling process. Or, you may have been living in the home of your dreams for years upon years now, and you’re looking for a way to renovate its appearance to last another decade. If this sounds like you, then landscaping is the way to go.

Looking for a way to increase your home’s value? If so, your first thought may be to renovate your kitchen, install hardwood floors, or even go as far as to add an additional room to your house. However, did you know that landscaping has become one of the most effective means to increased home value?

Take a look at your sprinkler system, front porch, and mailbox. These are all pillars of the curbside appeal of your home, and you want to make sure that they are updated and in working order. These aspects of your yard are the first impression people receive of your home, and we all want to present our homes in their best lights possible. By taking simple steps as detailed in this article, you will be able to finally understand the best course of action to take when improving your lawn care.

In 2019, new research was published courtesy of Post Office Money explaining the increased value of garden landscaping. Because house price growth is slowing across multiple countries--including the United States and the United Kingdom--homeowners are forced to find creative and cost-effective ways to increase the value of their homes. Gone are the days of simply adding a new guest bedroom, loft, or some other home extension to add value to your property. And as a result, many have turned to flower bed installation.
The value of indoor workout room, jacuzzi, hot tub, or swimming pool design and installation do not currently hold the return on investment they once did. As home buyers’ preferences and priorities continue to change, many are not willing to pay the high price these amenities come with. This means that you, as a homeowner (and potential seller), need to find cost-effective ways to continue to increase the value of your asset.

A recent study conducted in the UK shows that out of all the homeowners who have renovated their garden since 2001, a whopping 28% of them said it was due to potential property value increase. However, what may be even more surprising is that 59% of homeowners said their landscaping services were motivated by personal reasons. This group of property owners focused their efforts and attention more towards stress relief and mental health improvement.

Homeowners in the United Kingdom have pointed to gardening as one of the primary relievers of stress in their lives. As you can already assume, Houston landscaping is a service that does much more than simply providing you with a way to increase the aesthetics of the outside of your home. It also provides homeowners with a relatively inexpensive, yet highly rewarding and leisurely hobby. More and more individuals are reporting on the benefits that gardening and flower potting have on mental health, and studies are showing its directly ability to decrease stress. Renovating your garden bed helps gardeners acquire their daily supply of vitamin D, enough sunlight to combat certain forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and an infinite supply of fresh air.

Also, improving your front yard can have a direct effect on your indoor comfort. Placing your trees, shrubs, and bushes in front of select windows and entryways can help you block the outdoor temperature and regulate the climate in your house. Again, it cannot be overstated that making landscape design a priority will reap many more benefits than aesthetic enhancement. As you can see, providing your gardening area with the complete, full service and facelift it deserves can entirely change the dynamic and atmosphere of your home.

Irrigation systems are another great way to add some instant value to your home. As technology continues to advance, sprinklers and irrigation machines are continuing to become more and more sophisticated. Instead of small black cylinders that rise from the ground. Purchasing and installing an up-to-date irrigation system will help you take advantage of the many water feature aspects they have, saving you money on your monthly billing statement.

Curb appeal is critical to making your home valuable and desirable to sellers, but there are even more efforts you can take towards increasing the value of your home. In today’s society, there are an endless number of house buyers are shaping their first impressions based on the online listing, description, and photos. As a result of this, you’ll have to go a step further if you truly want to optimize your residence for a quick sell.

Make sure you present your property in its best possible condition. Using a quality DSLR camera for each room can help you properly convey its desirability to prospective buyers and renters. In addition to this, always deep clean your interior before showing it to your prospects. For some, house buying can be extremely stressful, and an unclean house for sale can wind up becoming an immediate turnoff for some.

How do I find the best landscaping near me?

Now that you've read this article, you're probably inclined to take a look at the landscaping companies surrounding your area to see if they can help you enhance your home. If you've realized the benefits of planting flowers, designing shrubs, and investing in high-tech irrigation setups, we are here to develop a thought out design that incorporates flowers and shrubbery, making your home’s exterior come to life.

CJ’s Yardworks provides exemplary customer service, accessible pricing, and an attention to detail that leaves your landscaping looking perfect. Whether it’s as small as cutting a shrub, or as large as customizing your home’s entire exterior, our team of professionals are ready to do what we do best. For more information on our services, call us today at 281-578-5999 for a free consultation from an in-house landscaping expert.