Backyard Fire Pits

Homeowners in Katy and all around the world can all agree that incorporating a backyard fire pit into your landscaping design ideas is a great way to increase home value and homeowner satisfaction. If you are trying to find a reliable Katy landscaping company to help you with your fire pit installation, CJ’s Yardworks is ready to get the job done.

While your local store may carry a fire pit kit of some sorts, do-it-yourself installation is never recommended for something as grand as this. Fire pits require experienced hands that know how to properly install this unit in a way that will ensure consistent use each and every time you ignite your fire.

CJ’s Yardworks understands the importance of having safety be the number one priority when dealing with hardscaping and landscaping installation, which is why we only use the best materials. Building a safe outdoor space for fire lighting is more than laying down bricks, and we survey your area before installing any material. You can count on our landscape contractors to find the best fit for you every time you use us for your outdoor fire pit and hardscaping home improvements.

The potential value outdoor fire pits can add to houses is something that cannot be understated, but along with increased house value comes increased backyard satisfaction. Fire pits can act as an outdoor fireplace, and they make for a year-round source of warmth. They can also be used as a landscape light design mechanism, providing your backyard with sufficient light for those late nights.

Not sure which fire pit is right for you, but you know you need to improve on your outdoor landscaping? Our team of in-house contractors is ready to help you figure out your outdoor living space problems and design something that wows you, your guests, and the rest of your neighborhood. Call us today at 281-578-5999 for more information on our luxury landscaping services.

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Backyard Fire Pit Installation

CJ’s Yardworks features the top-notch team of veteran landscape experts you need on your side. Fire pits, landscaping, and hardscaping design execution is not simple, nor is it easy, but our team of builders are always ready to tackle a challenge. Every backyard-landscaping project is different, our job requires a custom-built plan for each and every customer we encounter. And with that comes along a need for creativity, technique, toughness, and a natural passion for landscaping.

As the leading Katy landscaping company, CJ’s combines luxurious aesthetics with rugged design tactics that will last homeowners for years to come. We don’t want your fire pit to be something you use once this upcoming winter and never think about again. Instead, we want you to be able to appreciate this as a valuable, long-term add-on to your private domain. If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space in a greater way, a fire pit is undoubtedly the way to go.

Aspects of our fire pit installation services include:

  • Natural Gas Fire Pit Installation
  • Propane Fire Pit Installation
  • Fire Tables

And much, much more. Like the rest of our landscaping services, the backyard fire pits we provide for our customers are custom-tailored to fit their homes.

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CJ’s Yardworks | Fire Pit Installation Services in Katy

If you’ve recently invested in hardscaping services that have vaulted your patio to new heights, you may be letdown when you feel as though this part of your house is unable to be used during the closer months. If this is your thought process, fire pits are the ideal solution for you. Use these as the perfect patio heaters for you, your family, and your guests during the wintertime.

Fire pits are the perfect crowd pleaser if you enjoy entertaining company. Your outdoor fire pit serves as the ideal party accessory for large or intimate gatherings. Fire pit installations also create the perfect center of attention for a party, giving you and your guests a communal area to congregate around. They provide the ideal glow into the evening for summer wine nights with friends, and they’re a dream come true for children looking to have s’mores for dessert.

We know it may sound ridiculous to gather around a fire in the high temperatures during the Houston summertime, but satisfied homeowners agree that it’s just like having a campground in your backyard. Grab your blankets, your cider, and hot cocoas and pow-wow around the backyard flames. A gas fire pit, covered with lava rock and/or tempered glass gives you a beautiful fire without the mess and smoke smell of a wood-burning pit. But, if you prefer that real outdoor feel of a real-wood burning pit, CJ’s can make that happen for you, too.

Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, you may feel as though it is hard to place guests during parties. If you have a fire pit installed, this will not be a problem you’ll have to worry about. These pits are typically symmetrically designed and placed in the center of whatever space they are installed in.

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CJ’s is ready to help you take your backyard living to the next level through quality and secure fire pit installation service in Katy. The landscape design images you see in your dreams are the ones we want to bring to life. For more information on how we can assist you in your landscaping goals and dreams, call us today at 281-578-5999. One of our in-house assistants would love to speak with you in regards to what you are trying to find in a landscaping company.