Custom Hardscaping Design

Hardscape design specifically focuses on the hard materials typically used during landscape design and construction. If you’re trying to create an outdoor living space that requires solid outdoor material, CJ’s Yardworks provides an incredible selection of hardscape materials and services that will give your home a new luxurious space.

Patios & Decks

Patios and decks are your party rooms, your kid's play spaces, your dance floor, and even your makeshift yoga studio.  They smooth the transition from house to the yard, architecture into the landscape and vice versa.  You can choose from hardscape material such as plain concrete, pattern concrete, paver, travertine, or tile. We design our patio to fit the need, always making sure that you have the correctly sized spacing to accommodate your entertainment needs.  If you're not quite sure where to start with a vision that meets the needs of your family and the practicality of your outdoor living space.

Waterscaping & Water Features

“My backyard is already designed. What’s a good landscape design front of house idea?”

Fountains add an immeasurable amount of beauty and ambiance to any outdoor setting, and many of them can be installed in both front yards and backyards. They are an eye-catching and relaxing element to add to any outdoor space, large or small. The soothing sight and sound of bubbling water add feelings of relaxation or even masks unwanted sounds. And as a homeowner, you will be able to reap the benefits of this type of water feature without having to constantly maintain it; well-built fountains run incredibly smoothly. Consider this if you’re looking for landscape design for small spaces.

Your waterscape is meant to create a visual experience; the addition of a fountain creates a sensory atmosphere combining both the visual and sound elements in your outdoor space. Your waterscape designer will determine the location for your fountain before they pick which fountain to get. Things like space, proximity to other garden elements, and desired sound effect will also be taken into account when deciding which fountain element is optimal for your outdoor living space.

Fire Pits

The fire pit acts as a natural centerpiece for your Katy backyard hardscape, a structure capable of giving you warmth, light, and a place to spend time with the ones you love and cherish. As something that is included in many Katy landscaping designs, backyard fire pits act as gathering points for not only parties, but also intimate evenings for two. Enjoying outdoor living space in the winter can be beautiful if you have everything you need, and if you have a backyard fire pit installed, you’ll have another reason to look forward to the holiday season.

Backyard fire pits are also capable of serving a purpose in the warmer months. Katy summers can reach high temperatures, but this gives your backyard a natural area for your guests and family to congregate around while you enjoy cold drinks and good eats.

There are multiple fire pit options including wood burning fire pits, natural gas, and propane. To get the most out of your investment, it is important to make sure you install the best choice for your unique residence. And if you’re unfamiliar with hardscape designs and you need help, CJ’s Yardworks is here to bring your vision to life.

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Katy TX Hardscape Design

In today’s real estate market, increasing curb appeal requires more than simply planting new flowers and grooming your lawn. There are so many options available for homeowners who are interested in backyard hardscaping making their residence more desirable and valuable, and improving your backyard living space substantially.

Our hardscape and modern landscape design service helps you optimize your outdoor living space. With decades of experience designing and building custom landscaping, our team is here to help homeowners make the most out of their outdoor spaces. Call us today at 281-578-5999 for more information about our Katy hardscape services.